Monastery Krupa was built in 1317 as an endowment of the Serbian king Milutin. This monastery was founded by the Bosnian monks who were forced to leave their monastery, because of the Turkish invasion. Latter on, monastery Krupa was endowed by tzar Dusan and St. Mother Angelina, Serbian despot.
During its long history, this monastery experienced great disasters. In 1855, thanks to the precious help that came from Russia, Serbia and Austria, it was completely renovated. The church of monastery Krupa is dedicated to the Feast of the Dormition of Theotokos. Its beautiful wall painting, dating back to 1622, is the work of the well known monk from monastery Hilandar George Mitrofanovic. Also, in monastery Krupa there is a valuable collection of icons and a famous treasury.
Monastery Krupa was a significant spiritual and cultural centre of Orthodox Serbs in Dalmatia; many important persons lived there: archimandrite Gerasim Zelic, and writers Dositej Obradovic and Simo Matavulj.

In 1995, during the military operation Oluja, monastery Krupa was again ruined and abandoned, but from 1999, we have started its reconstruction.






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